Dream Program – Learning Center at JNF Center for Excellence

The Dream Program is a nationwide educational program improving the chances of students, soldiers and young adults belonging to disadvantaged populations of finding success upon graduating into a labor market that is undergoing rapid change. By design, the program includes training for teachers to further its goals.

Goals of the Program: Changing the Conversation and Training Teachers

  • Developing new thinking about technology in education for students from different populations: at-risk, vulnerable, dropout, gifted and more.
  • Developing pedagogical practices for combining traditional assignments with technological advances, from a place of intergenerational respect and appreciation.
  • Developing pedagogical practices for combining practical work with theoretical learning.
  • Developing a futuristic teaching language that combines technological know-how, development of critical and creative thinking, teamwork and innovation, together with an emphasis on the teacher as a significant leadership figure that instills values in their students.
  • Raising awareness of new content and goals among administrators, teachers and decision-makers in the education system.

Goals of the Program: Empowering Vulnerable Individuals and Populations

  • Operating centers for educational excellence in the country’s periphery.
  • Preparing soldiers from various disadvantaged backgrounds, who are about to finish their duty, with the aim of expanding their employment horizons, acquainting them with tomorrow’s professions and connecting them with the employment market of Israeli industry.
  • Expanding the horizons of program participants and providing tools for teamwork and creative thinking to be used in all parts of their lives.
  • Exposing teens, soldiers and young people to tomorrow’s professions and providing positive feedback on their abilities and potential for success in the current and future employment market.
  • Empowering students with latent technological talent that is not discovered or emphasized in conventional academic institutions.
  • Developing curiosity, posing new challenges and providing a sense of success.
  • Identifying talents, looking toward growth in the possibility of a continuing program that will include vocational studies or vocational guidance.
  • Enhancing the sense of belonging and pride of program participants.
  • Exposing students and young people to tomorrow’s work environment: low tech, high tech, industrial and research – and connections with those already working in these fields.
  • Developing work ethic – as part of expanding horizons.
  • Occupational guidance.

The program operates in collaboration with Fox-Wizel Ltd and the JNF.