Our Vision

  • Since 2004, Menifa has been working to create a holistic therapeutic framework for children, adolescents, young people and families at risk, dropout and isolation in Israeli society.
  • Menifa develops programs and therapeutic models for children, youth and youth who “fall between the cracks” and whose problems are not solved by the existing programs of the various formal systems (such as the education system and the welfare system).
  • Menifa believes that every child and adolescent is capable of achieving personal excellence if he receives a proper emotional and educational shield.
  • Menifa creates a revolution in the existing conceptions in that its therapeutic model focuses both on direct care of the individual and on helping organizations relate to each and every individual in need.
  • Menifa is committed to operating throughout the country among all sectors – Jewish, Arab, Druze, Bedouin and more – and to date over 10,000 youth have participated in its programs and thousands of teachers have been trained. The system and professional language of Menifa are suitable for every sector and group in Israel without exception.
  • Menifa advocates the implementation of its treatment programs within the community, the family and the normative frameworks.
  • Menifa is committed to dialogue and close and regular cooperation with all the bodies and systems that share its goals – the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the IDF, civilian bodies and other bodies – in order to provide an optimal and professional treatment solution for young people at risk.
  • Menifa is committed to proper management; respect to its employees; and commitment to the professional and personal development of the association’s members and employees.