In My Brother’s Company

In My Brother’s Company is a unique program that helps soldiers at risk – through mentoring – during their military service. We need additional partners in order to continue expanding the program so that we may provide a solution to all those soldiers who need assistance.


Background on Menifa:

Menifa was founded 15 years ago. To date, we have been operating in dozens of municipalities, lending a hand to more than 16,000 children, youth and soldiers.

Menifa serves all sectors in the country.

 Among the goals of Menifa are:

  • Implementing programs to prevent youth from dropping out of schools;
  • Holistic programs that combine education, high-level therapy and education;
  • Teacher training;
  • Escort of soldiers throughout the military Service; and more.


Most Menifa graduates have gone on to study in institutions of higher education, had significant service in the army and have established families.

The “In My Brother’s Company” Program – Mentors for Soldiers

Military service is one of the most significant parts of the maturation process of youth in Israel. A meaningful service can sometimes be a refuge for these young people.

 Unfortunately, more than 30% of the soldiers who are the first generation in their families to serve in the army – are in danger of dropping out and incarceration during their service. According to studies, the vast majority of these soldiers are sons of immigrants from disadvantaged populations, such as immigrants from Ethiopia and the Caucasus, Bnei Menashe and others.

 Studies show that youth between the ages of 18-30 from these populations need a continuation of supporting programs (Ministry of Social Affairs Research, “Yated Program”). In order to promote this issue, the Israeli government has decided to allocate resources for this purpose via NGOs and local authorities.

 Menifa is among the associations that provide services to young people. It is aiming at combining philanthropy with government funding in order to create viable solutions for youth at risk.

 As of 2015, Menifa operates a mentoring program that accompanies soldiers in danger of dropping out and incarceration. The program had been operated until 2017 in cooperation with the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). Currently, the Joint is not a part of the project as its policy is to accompany projects during the establishment stages only.

 The program operated under the name “Nitzotz Si” was at first focused exclusively on Ethiopian immigrants, but has been expanded to serve the entire population of soldiers at risk of dropping out and incarceration, through the assistance of the army and various local authorities.

 Over the course of three years, we have developed an intervention model for the soldiers, and have established a large group of mentors accompanying the soldiers, both in the IDF and in the local authorities. The program was developed and established together with the IDF headquarters and bases. During the first stage, the IDF is locating the soldiers in danger and is suggesting them to participate in the program.

Relations of trust and cooperation have been established with the Military Advocate General; “Chavat Alon base”; “Chavat Hashomer base”; “Hatzerim base”; and various local authorities – such as Jerusalem, Sderot, Kiryat Gat, Tiberias, Tirat HaCarmel and others.


We need additional partners in order to reinforce our program.

The cost of each soldier’s assistance program is $1,000 per service period.

The annual cost of the program is $100,000.

Any amount of money allows us to save another soldier.

Hoping for fruitful cooperation.


Best regards,

Etia Dan

Director, Menifa Association

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